“What’s the Weather Like?”


  • sunny
  • rainy/raining
  • snowy/snowing
  • cloudy/partly cloudy
  • humid
  • comfortable
  • hot
  • warm
  • cold
  • cool
  • freezing
  • pleasant
  • thunder
  • lightning
  • tornado
  • hurricane/typhoon
  • sunset
  • sunrise

Activity 1- Reading a Forecast
It is sunny in Beijing.
It is 49 degrees. It is cool.
It is cool today, but tomorrow it will be cold.
Next week it will rain.
The sun will set at 6:02 pm.
The sun will rise at 6:45 am.

Go to: http://edition.cnn.com/WEATHER/

Pair Work

Guess the City

Student A clicks on a city and student B asks questions to find which city Student A has picked.

Student B: Is your city in Asia (Africa, North America, etc…)?
Student A: Yes, it is.
/ No, it is not.

Student B: Is it sunny?

Student A: Yes, it is sunny./No, it is not sunny?

Student B: What is the temperature?
Student A: It is 30 degrees.

Student B: Will it rain tomorrow?
Student A: Yes, it will. No, it wont. It will be sunny.

Student B: What time will the sun set/rise?
Student A: The sun will set at 6:02 pm./The sun will rise at 6:45 am.

Activity 2 – Weather Web Cams
Next go to http://members.aol.com/Accustiver/wxcam.htm
This page has links to real-time weather web cams in North America.

Activity 3 – Weather Folklore
What do you think the following saying means?

“Red at night, sailors delight; red in the morning, sailors take warning.”

For more weather folklore:
Go to: http://members.aol.com/Accustiver/wxworld_folk.html and discuss select old sayings with the students.

Activity 4 –Video clips

Go to: http://www.weather.com/multimedia/index.html
You may need to select a player from the “select player” link above the video clips. If so, select “Windows Media Player” and “Broadband”.

Additional Websites
This is a glossary of weather related terms.

The Weather Channel’s home page

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