The Great Sojourn North

Los Angeles to the Alaskan Arctic Circle...550 miles on a bicycle...1500 miles in a car....

1400miles on a boat...& 1100 mile on a bus

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Getting ready for the afternoon ride full of clam chowder on the Santa Barbara pier

My campsite in Refugio State Beach...only $1.00 for a bed on the beach

Sea Lions sleeping on the South Big Sur Coast  

The North Big Sur Coast  

The bike and the bridge  

Point Arena lighthouse--A great ride getting out there  

No real tree hugger would do this, would they?  

Battle Rock & Coos Bay--Parts of the breathtaking Oregon Coast  

Me resting during a 30 mile morning ride around Coos Bay  

Mt. St. Helens  

More Mt. St. Helens  

On the ferry to Alaska...  

Ancient Native stone carving  

Welcome to Alaska!  A group photo of the motley crew from the bus--it was a fun ride through the Yukon  

Holding up the Alaskan Oil Pipeline  

My sister Maureen and I at the Yukon river on the way to the Arctic Circle  

Maureen and I at the Arctic Circle  

The Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska  

Cultural demonstrations in a native village along the Chena River  

Scott and Groucho  

Me and the Dogs---shot of Nike, my buddie--and a shot of Picaso