CALL Teaching Instructions for

“What’s the Weather Like?”

Level:  Middle School or Adult


Time:  50 – 80 minutes

Objective: Weather vocabulary practice, present tense, simple future tense,  describing weather, making forecasts

This CALL lesson should follow a classroom lesson on weather.


Activity 1- Reading a Forecast

1)      Begin the lesson warm-up exercises by asking students about the recent weather in Korea. Ask students about what type of weather they like best.

2)     Review (or teach) relevant vocab (i.e., sunny, partly cloudy, chance of showers, rainy, snowing, etc.)

3)     Have students log on to:

4)     Scroll down to the WEATHER MAPS. Click on "Forecast" for one of the continental areas. Click on the city and practice sentence patterns such as:

It is sunny in Beijing. 

It is 49 degrees.  It is cool. 

It is cool today, but tomorrow it will be cold.

Next week it will rain.

The sun will set at 6:02 pm.

The sun will rise at 6:45 am.

5)     Return to and begin asking students, “What's the weather like in (city name)?”

You can do this as a group first and have the students answer together.  Next ask individual students the question and then get them to ask each other.

6) Additional pair/group work exercise (Guess the City)Preselect a city and tell the students to find/guess the city you have selected. The students must ask you questions (see examples below) and search the web site to determine the city you have choosen. After they find your city, have one student choose a city and the other students can ask questions to determine the city. This can be completed as a group activity or pair work.

For pair work, Student A clicks on a city and student B asks questions.

Student B: Is your city in Asia (Africa, North America, etc…)?
Student A: Yes, it is./ No, it is not.

Student B: Is it sunny?
Student A:
Yes, it is sunny./No, it is not sunny.

Student B: What is the temperature?
Student A: It is 30 degrees.

Student B: Will it rain tomorrow?
Student A:
Yes, it will. No, it wont. It will be sunny.

Student B: What time will the sun set/rise?
Student A: The sun will set at 6:02 pm./The sun will rise at 6:45 am.

Activity 2 – Weather Web Cams

    Next go to

This page has links to real-time weather web cams in North America.  Repeat the previous activity having students describe what the weather is like from looking at the web cam.

Activity 3 – Weather Folklore

Activity 4 –Video clips

(This activity may take a few minutes to set up because it involves downloading a short video clip.  Try this activity by yourself before class to avoid any glitches during the lesson.)

Select a video clip to play for the class.  Show it to the class and then discuss the content and teach any new vocabulary.

Note: You may need to select a player from the “select player” link above the video clips.  If so, select “Windows Media Player” and “Broadband”. try doing this before teaching the class.

Additional Websites

This is a glossary of weather related terms.

The Weather Channel’s home page

All sorts of info on weather

USA climate time line from 1880 - 2038

Yahoo Weather

After you have finished this lesson please email your feedback or report any broken links to: