CALL Teaching Instructions for

“Planning a Trip to San Francisco”

Level:  Adult


Time:  50 – 90 minutes (depending on how many activities are done)

Language Objective: Using comparisons (er, more), using “if” + “can”

Functional Objective: planning a trip, making decisions, 


Activity 1- Warm-up

Activity 2 – Choosing a Hotel

As a group view hotel web information and answer the questions.

1)  Begin by clicking on:

Next choose a hotel and ask the students:

-         How far is it from the city center?

-         How many “stars” does it have?


2)     Click on the “more info” link. Ask the students:

-         How much does it cost per night?

-         What else does the hotel have?

-         What do you think of this hotel?


3)     Comparisons – Repeat the same procedure with another hotel.  This time ask questions comparing the two hotels. (Encourage students to answer in complete sentences so they practice the structure of comparative sentences.)

-         Which hotel is closer to the city center?

-         Which hotel has a higher rating? (more stars, better rating)

-         Which hotel is more expensive? (cheaper)

-         Which hotel do you like more? Why?

4)     Have students work in pairs or small groups to choose a in which they might like to stay.  Monitor their interaction and encourage them to use comparatives in making a choice.  Give them about 5 minutes to find a hotel.

Activity 3- Choosing Places to eat

Repeat the same procedure as in Activity one, but for this activity compare restaurants. Here is a web site with San Francisco’s restaurants:

Encourage students to use “If + present tense verb + can” sentence patterns in their negotiation process:

-         If we eat in North Beach, we can have Italian food.

-         If we stay at a cheaper hotel, we can have more money to eat at expensive restaurants.

-       If we want fish for dinner, we can go to Fisherman’s Wharf.


Activity 4 –Choosing what to do

If time permits have students work in pairs to negotiate what to do while they are in San Francisco.  Monitor conversations to promote comparisons like:

Going to Fisherman’s Wharf will be more interesting than visiting the museum.

Riding a cable car will be more fun than taking a taxi.

Students can get ideas from the following two web sites:


Follow-up activity

Take students to the karaoke room to sing songs about San Francisco.

Words to songs about San Francisco

Official Song site (“I left my heart in San Francisco”)



Additional Websites

Everything about SF

San Francisco Web Cams

Great 1906 Earthquake

List of movies made in SF

Tourist info